Safe and Fun for Every One!
Look no further!  Our animal shows are just what
you need.  We make learning fun and exciting.  
Our programs can be tailored to any crowd.  All of
our programs can meet the requirements of any
grade level along with M.E.A.P. and Jason Project

Animal Encounters Inc., formerly Science Discovery
Shows, was created by certified teachers in 1989.
Since then over 2 million people have enjoyed our
animal shows throughout the country at Gulf
World Marine Park, thousands of schools, Borders
Bookstores, amusement parks, fairs and festivals.  
Our staff includes an animal trainer and the
programs are presented by a professional
entertainer.  Our animals are healthy, energetic
and love what they do.
Animal Encounters Inc.
Would you like an incredible show for your school?  
Looking for entertainment for that special event?
Mike with albino Burmese python during Creepy Critters can be Cool live animal show.
Volunteer from audience during show with an alligator
Madagascar Hissing cockroach on video screen at Detroit Science Center.  We use a video screen in our presentations to make small animals larger than life.
Stimulate your senses!  We combine sight and touch in our shows.  We use a nine foot video screen
to display facts about each animal, photographs of each animal's natural habitat and a map of it's
location worldwide.  Also, we offer petting with each show.
New to our shows!